Glow Stones For Walkways Improve Safety While Adding Beauty To Your Outdoor Space

Without proper lighting, your outdoor space becomes unusable after dark. One way to remedy that situation is by using glow stones for walkways. If you aren’t familiar with these unique stones, you are in for a real treat. They can transform your outdoor space from a dark, boring area into an almost magical retreat.

As you might guess, these stones from Ambient Glow Technologies are designed to glow in the dark. They are infused with a special photoluminescent material that glows for hours after being exposed to daylight. They come in a variety of different sizes ranging from grains as small as sand up to gravel that can be used to enhance driveways or walkways.

The glow stones are added to concrete to create a beautiful speckled pattern that glows after the sun goes down. Some people have compared the feeling of walking on a pathway treated with these stones as being similar to walking through the stars.

One common question that people have about these stones is how they stay on the surface of the concrete. As it turns out, the process is actually relatively easy. To begin with, a standard slab of concrete is poured. Once the concrete is in place but before it has a chance to set, the special glow stones are scattered over the surface.

The top layer of the concrete is then treated with a special agent that slows down the setting time. As a result, the bottom of the concrete sets faster than the top, leaving a thin layer on the surface that can easily be washed away.

After a specific amount of time has passed, the concrete is hosed down, exposing the glow stones. The process is similar to that that is used when pouring concrete with any type of exposed aggregate.

The stones themselves are incredibly stable. You don’t have to worry about them shrinking or expanding, regardless of what types of weather conditions they are exposed to. As a result, the finished concrete surface is extremely durable and can withstand just about any type of weather conditions.

The glow stones are also non-toxic, meaning that they are safe for your pets and family members. You don’t have to worry about inadvertently exposing someone to materials that could be harmful since they are completely safe to be around.

During the day, the stones themselves are practically indistinguishable from standard gravel. They have a soft yellowish or off-white color, making them look like typical pieces of gravel. After the sun goes down, however, all of that changes. They give off a beautiful glow in shades of aqua, sky blue, or emerald green.

Using glow stones for walkways is a unique way to add a whimsical touch to your outdoor space. More than that, however, these simple stones can also help improve safety. Trying to stay on a walkway after dark can be challenging. The additional glow of the stones helps make it easier to see where you are walking, reducing the likelihood of getting off track or tripping and falling.